Our Family

I'm the Momma, rarely called Amanda anymore. I'm a mid-twenties Mom to three of the greatest kids. I have a Master's Degree in Family and Consumer Science, and I am currently teaching part-time at the University of Central Arkansas. I love to cook, sew and stay at home as much as possible. I love Jesus and love seeing His work and mine and others' lives.

This is Daddy, AKA Jordan. He is a parole/probation officer and loves to fish, kayak or do anything outdoors. He is an awesome Daddy to our "Things"  and never misses out on a game of hide and seek. Jordan is a great example of a Christian husband and leader for our family.

Things 1-4. We have two reds, one blonde and a mystery color. Once he gets more hair we will be able to tell, but I'm holding out for red.

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