Friday, February 4, 2011

Show Us Your Life-What do you feed your kids?

Today I'm participating in the Show Us Your Life series on Kelly's Korner.

After we left the baby food stage I have had such a hard time trying to find things Jackson will eat. Mostly he sticks to Italian foods with pasta, a little Mexican and mashed potatoes. I can usually hide veggies and things in pasta if I get them small enough and I do the same with mashed potatoes. He will usually eat chicken pot pie with the veggies in it whole, but rarely does he do that with anything else. One other thing that he will always eat with the veggies whole is chicken noodle soup from Chick Fil A.

He usually will eat any type of bread product, which we all know isn't healthy in the least bit. I want him to grow up like me, eating salad, broccoli or anything else green. However, he is his daddy's son in most things, so I'm not expecting much. Really just until the last few weeks I haven't even been able to get him to eat meat, but he did discover his love of ketchup and ate 2 whole chicken nuggets at Chick Fil A the other day. He has also started eating grapes, which is officially his first raw fruit to ever eat!

It has been a struggle, especially when I see other kids who have never turned away any type of food. When I was making his baby food I made sure to do things like zucchini and broccoli to open up his taste buds. He loved those, but I think he has some lingering texture issues.

He is definitely getting better about eating certain things, but I am interested...What do you feed your toddlers?
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  1. Eden has a few "staple" foods in her diet. Her main meals generally rotate between sweet potatoes, green beans or turkey and cheese. For breakfast it's usually an egg. And for snacks...grapes and bananas. Those are the handful of healthy foods that she really likes so we just rotate between them! It's not a real broad diet, but oh well!

  2. Hi Amanda! I came to read your post after you commented on mine! It's crazy how many similarities there are between what you wrote about Jackson and what Dresden will/will not eat! He definitely has a huge issue with texture, and he is a carb-a-holic! Oh, and I often have to cover everything with ketchup, too, to get him to eat stuff. What is it with little kids and ketchup? Lol. Great blog! I became a follower :-D

  3. This is tough! I remember that my little brother pretty much existed on fish sticks and chicken nuggets for awhile. He was the PICKIEST eater! Sheesh! I'm hoping that Astroboy will be a little more food-friendly...we'll see! Wonder what the secret is?

  4. What a cutie!

    My youngest Alexa was such a good eater as a baby! I thought, "Whew, we are not going to have the same issues as we did with her brother." But when we started introing people food, she was a nogo. I think it is genetic. :)

    Thank you for your comment over at Yoga Gal, I really do appreciate it! :D


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