Friday, May 27, 2011

Fat Off Friday Week 2

This is the 2nd week for Fat Off Friday!
I'm not as happy with this week as I was with last week. I didn't lose any more weight, I am still down a pound from the beginning. I didn't really exercise as much as I wanted and I didn't eat very well. I kept my quantity of food down, but I also didn't eat a good quality of food either. I am planning on doing way better on that next week. My blood sugar and energy level were way down this week.

As far as the goals go:
Walk/ride bike 2 times per week (pass)
   Crunches/leg lifts every day (failed)
 Water and tea only (passed)
  Eat till satisfied, not stuffed (passed)
Drink 1 glass of milk per day (failed)

Again, I failed the same goals, but I am going to concentrate on doing those every day next week. I hate milk, but I need to drink at least some of it every day. We will be here all this week and then we're off to Florida for vacation, so that should be a fun week to report on!

My goals are not very high, but I didn't want to sabatage myself the first few weeks by adding all these things I'll never do.

I'm not overly impressed with this week, but not discouraged either.
I can't wait to hear how you've been doing.

You can either leave it in the comments or leave your blog addres.

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