Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Goals

This summer is starting off a bit different for me, because for the first time in about 20 years my life is not defined by semesters. But either way, it's still Summer and that is my favorite time of year. Summer is a time to play and relax. I'm working a little more this year than last, but I still plan on having lots of fun with Jackson. I think it's also a great time to get organized. Maybe it's just me but heat makes me want to be clutter free. I think just about anything makes me want to be clutter free. (This also happens to me in the Winter by the way).

Summer Goal #1 - Organize the playroom and hang all Jackson's Mickey stuff.

Summer Goal #2 - Finish sewing the ends of cushions that I recovered 18 months ago.

Summer Goal #3 - Build on to Jackson's new play set we are getting him

Summer Goal #4 - Finish painting our storage shed in the back yard

These are just a few things I want to get done around the house this summer. I'm probably going to spend most of the summer lounging by the pool and helping Jackson learn to swim. He's only two but I really want him to learn how to keep himself calm in the water (with his life jacket on of course). I'm not expecting him to be swimming the 50 meter freestyle or anything, but I won't have to worry about him being around water so much if I know he can keep himself afloat.

I'm also so excited about going to Disney in 10 days! We are also going to spend a day at Cocoa Beach. This won't exactly be a relaxing day at the beach since Jackson is a sand hater, but we'll make the best of it.

Hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

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  1. Summer is my favorite time of year! It sounds like you have a nice one ahead of you! :)

    Thanks for following my blog! :)


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