Sunday, July 31, 2011

Championship Time!

So for those of you who haven't known me for awhile, I play golf...well I used to play golf, as in past tense. I played in high school and a little in college, got burned out, got married and had a baby. Since Jackson got here I haven't really had the desire or time to play. However, every year I still play in the club championship. I am by far the youngest woman there, but we all have fun. I don't usually have to worry about losing, but I really do try to hit a decent score. 

This year I shot two rounds of 84. It's a little difficult playing after you haven't played in awhile because you have no confidence. Other than being hot and REALLY humid, we all had fun and I won this!

Jordan and I took this picture
Ha! I didn't realize what we were both wearing, but it looks like our rounds today were sponsored by  Puma!

Even though I didn't play very well, I'm glad I played.

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  1. and your outfits are complimentary colors!


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