Friday, July 8, 2011

Fat Off Friday- Week 6

This was not a good week as far as the Fat Off goes. In fact, I put 1 lb of fat back on. Coming off of Jackson's birthday weekend and 4th of July, I worked every day this week. I didn't feel like exercising and towards the end of the week I didn't eat very well.

I have a whole new respect for those women who work full time schedules and then come home to a house, kids, husband etc. My friend Nicki had been working full time for about a year now after being able to stay at home full time. She made the best of it and even had some fun, but I know she is so ready to be back at home. I'm also ready to have one of my best friends more available to do things with.

We are going to walk tonight, and I'm going to start running again every other day. My goal at first was to see how far I could go running the whole way. I've decided now that I would get more exercise if I plan to walk/run a longer distance. I have also been drinking more water.

Next week I have a goal of eating better and eating less sweets. For some reason I've really had a sweet tooth this week. I also bought some Chips A Hoy cookies at the store last week that didn't help that any! Also, I'll be doing crunches every day. I've got to get rid of about 1/3 of my middle section :-)

Hope everyone had a great week. How are you doing with you weight loss goals?

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  1. I am so ready to be home and ready to run around with you too! :)

    I finally got with it and posted about my weight loss again!


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