Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend and a church home!

It's been a great weekend so far. Saturday morning we got up, had a big breakfast and then headed out to find a few yard sales. We didn't see much we couldn't live without, but I did buy three stadium seat cushions. Very rarely do we use those, but they were only $1 each so it was hard to pass up. Also, when we go canoeing  or the off chance we actually get to GO to a RAZORBACK game, they really come in handy.

After than I went to my parents to help my Dad in the garden. It takes a lot of work to keep a garden that size manageable, and I love to go out there and get dirty every now and then too!

Last night we decided to head out to the pool at Jordan's grandparents. His cousin Colby and his wife just had a new baby. I haven't been able to see her very much so I was excited to get to hold a baby again! We found out something about Jackson though, he loves babies and is so gentle with them, but he HATES it when I am the one holding the baby. When she was with someone else he would stand buy her, stroke her hand and say "OHHH BABYYY", but when I took her he had a complete and total meltdown!

This morning we got up and went to Sunday School and church. I am so excited about our new church. It's actually not new to me since I grew up there, but it's new to Jordan. We have started going back to First Baptist Church-Searcy. It's so nice to be able to go and see all the older people I grew up seeing as a child. I also spent lots of time there in the youth group and had a blast. We have found a Sunday School class that we really like and I'm hoping to start working with Awanas or maybe the youth sometime. Jordan has always been used to going to a more contemporary service with instruments and things like that. I think this is the direction that the church is going in and I'm so excited! I think this is a big reason why people my age don't attend church anymore. 

I am really hoping to get involved with the music more and see where God leads the church. It's hard to completely switch from traditional to contemporary overnight. You still have to make all generations in the church happy, but I think that the worship leader, pastor and congregation are all excited to be moving in that direction. I can't wait to get plugged back in and see how God can use me! I am also hoping to encourage more people my age to go on Sunday and Wednesday nights. I was a little disappointed at the lack of people our age who were there on Wednesday, but I know that as school starts and the programs kick off again, there will be more people there.

Tonight we grilled steaks and hung out with Kara, Jacob and Mason. The boys love being together and playing outside. The steaks were also so good and I was able to get the back porch and yard cleaned up too. 

I hope everybody had a great weekend. Good luck to all those starting school and to all those parents sending little ones off for the first time! My day is coming in a few weeks when Jackson starts Mother's Day Out and Carpenter's Kids.

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