Friday, June 22, 2012

A New Hobby

I was going to get Jordan something golf related for Father's Day and his birthday this year because that's what I always get him. When I had to ask him a question about one of the gifts he told me he's rather have a kayak.
What???? yes, that's what I said. He had mentioned wanting to have kayak before, but I didn't think he would want that over new Puma golf shoes. When he told me that I was really excited because I've been wanting him to get back into fishing and some of the outdoor things he used to enjoy doing. 

The next day we headed to Little Rock to try to find a kayak and a few more fishing supplies.
Jordan's parents kept Jackson, and when we got back to their house they had to try it out!

Jackson wanted to help paddle

A few days later we were able to go out on the river. Since we haven't had much rain lately the river is pretty low and very calm. Of course, Jackson has to get out on the boat and help Daddy fish.

I think he might be a professional fisherman some day :-)

Or maybe just a river rat!

Ever since then he's wanted to "practice" fishing in our pool

Next summer I want to buy a kayak and go float some of the rivers in Arkansas. Before Jackson got here we used to float the Buffalo River at least once or twice during the summer and I'm really hoping to start doing some things like that again.

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