Monday, November 19, 2012

3 year old-isms

Jackson is three...he's also hilarious. He has such a personality and imagination. The imagination he definitely did NOT get from me. I'm a literal kind of gal. I played with baby dolls as baby dolls and GI Joe's as what they are. I didn't set up random scenes of dinosaurs, space men and trains and make them into a magical land of fighting evil and heroes. Although I assure you, I did play with all those things. Jackson can take a simple flashlight with Mickey and Minnie on it, and all of a sudden they are climbing a mountain (with the help of his two fingers of course). It's amazing! 

He's a lot like his Dad in the imagination department, which I am thankful for. I love to sit and watch him play. Right now he's really into crashing toys into other toys, and what three year old boy isn't? He does different voices for different characters in his scenes and stories. 

One of his favorite phrases right now is "chocolate milk". He adds this into almost every sentence. For instance, "momma, you chocolate milk" or "let's go play toys...and chocolate milk". He also likes to say things like "chocolate milk sit on the wall". I'm not quite sure if that's his version of a joke or what, but we're going on a good 2 months of this. It's actually pretty funny until about noon every day and you've already heard it 10,000 times. I think it's still pretty funny though.

This is a new fun thing he discovered how to do

We also went to The Wonder Place last week in Little Rock. This was his favorite thing. He like building new things with the pipes to make the ball fly different ways in the air.

Ava liked the baby water table

Isn't she gorgeous?

We're getting ready to celebrate our remaining three Thanksgivings that we're going to have. I'm excited about being around family and doing all that cooking. This weekend we'll switch from Thanksgiving to Christmas and finally start decorating. I have a policy to not decorate for one holiday until the other has passed. I might budge and do it the weekend before Thanksgiving if we have the weekend free, but generally I like to stick to one holiday at a time. 

When do you like to decorate?


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