Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Best Christmas

We did a whole lot of Christmas celebrating this year. First we started off with Sunday at church. 
Ava got a new Christmas dress...

Sunday night we spent the night with Jordan's parents to get up and do Christmas morning at their house on Christmas Eve. Jackson was so excited to be at Mimi and Poppie's house. 
I was able to get this picture of the kids under the tree in their new Christmas pjs

Isn't this the sweetest boy?

We woke up Monday morning, had a big breakfast and waited for Jackson's cousin Mason to get there. The boys were so excited to open their presents. 

Jackson got a new guitar

and lots of other fun stuff!

Afterwards, the boys relaxed and watched a movie

We had such a fun time letting the kids play. Jackson and Mason don't get to spend as much time together as they used to, so it's always great when they get to see each other. 

Tuesday morning we spent time at our house relaxing. The kids didn't wake up till almost 8:30 because they were so worn out from the night before. Jackson was so excited that it was a finally time to open presents, and that Santa had left him a few special presents.

Ava finally woke up to open her gifts

Jackson loved showing her how to use her new toy

Tuesday night we went to have Christmas dinner with my family, but we were cut a little short because of the  snow storm. Our part of Arkansas was actually under a blizzard warning. Apparently this has never happened before. I'll be posting a few pictures of our fun in the snow tomorrow.

This was one of the best Christmas' we've ever had. Jackson was so much fun and really got into it this year, and Ava is just the best baby. She was so wonderful and agreeable. I really feel like we can take her anywhere and she is always just fine. I really enjoyed spending time with my family and we even got one extra day with a snow day today!

We had fun
Spent time with family
Ate way to much 

I hope you all had a great Christmas too!

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