Monday, March 4, 2013

It's March!

Doesn't this just make you happy? It does me. I love the idea of a locker area in the mud/laundry room. 
I want, I need this! I have plans for this one day this year. 

This month I'm focusing on organizing. I'm pretty good at staying organized for the most part. I have so many different work things that need to have a place. I've learned that if I put it out of sight, then it's out of mind. I have a small roll-top desk that sits in our entry way. I walk by it every day, but if I put bills or other work under that lid I forget about them. 

This table was my grandpa's. I've been told that it was his dining room table in the small house he rented in St. Louis. He left his family here to go work there at the St. Louis Water Company. I love all the history associated with it, and wanted to find a way to use it in our house. I used to keep my computer on our ottoman and sit at the end of the couch. This wasn't very comfortable, and I was constantly losing papers and other things. This works out perfectly, because I can still be in the same room with everyone and still get my work done.

To be honest, I did clear it off a bit for this picture. Here's what it usually looks like:
I usually have stacks of papers on either side.

I'm also doing a lot better at keeping our laundry room picked up
For now I have our bags hung on hooks on the wall, but eventually  I want a locker system to help us keep things organized.

I feel so much better when things have a place. When I can see my bills, work or anything else that needs to be done I feel like I've something together. I'm hoping to work on this the next month and hopefully get in a good organizing routine


  1. I love the locker system too! How neat that you can use your grandpa's table as a desk! I'm lookin forward to hear how you stay organized - I could use the help. =)

  2. I am all abut organizing. It makes me happy! And I have my grandma's last desk as my desk and I love it. It doesn't have much history to it (my parents bought it for her at IKEA when she moved into assisted living about a year before she died) but I love knowing that she used it too!


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