Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ava Rose 10 months (a little late)

I've taken a little blogger vacation for the past 6 weeks. We've been so busy and just got back from an amazing 2 weeks in Florida! I have so much to share about what we've been up to, but first I need to start with Ava's 10 month update. She turned 10 months on May 26th.

I'm only going to share the things she was doing at this point, even though now she is doing so much more. This picture captures her so well. She is always smiling, clapping or tearing up something.

Ava you are in to everything. You are taking a few steps at a time still, but not walking full time. 
You still love to eat just about anything, in fact we still haven't found anything you won't eat.

Your sleep is still pretty terrible. We have tried just about everything, and have determined you will have to grow out of it.

You're a happy baby. You love your baby doll, balls and destroying most all of Jackson's creations that he's been working on.

You have a few words, ball, Daddy and the occasional Mom.

You weight about 22 lbs and are pretty long for your age. We think you're going to be a tall girl. What hair you have is coming in pretty red. I never expected to have 2 red heads.

You are so much fun to be around. You are also challenging to be at home with every day. I'm thankful for your inquisitive personality. It's going to be lots of fun to see you grow and change with that.

Your first birthday is just around  the corner...CRAZY!

We love you!


  1. What a cutie pie! I love that age. Can't wait to hear more about your trip to Florida. We leave to go there in the next few weeks =)

  2. What a sweetie Ava is! I can tell from the picture that she has a ton of personality :) Can't wait to read some more blog posts about what you've been up to lately.


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