Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bread Making

My parents sold their house earlier this year. One of the things I got to claim from their downsizing was a bread maker. I've made some bread here and there in the oven, but the hours of keeping it warm enough to rise is not easy to do in the winter. It's also a big mess to clean up, etc...  I decided to get the bread maker off the shelf and try a recipe. 

I found a recipe for Simple White Bread online. It had honey in it, so I thought it would be a good appetizer/dinner bread. We usually have crescent rolls with most meals, but I started figuring up what I was spending on that every month and it came out to around $20...Just on have with dinner. Craziness.

The first loaf I made was with all-purpose flour. I didn't have any bread flour and wanted to see if it was worth it before I bought a different kind of flour. It turned out good, but it didn't rise quite as much. It was delicious though. After I got Jordan's stamp of approval (he's a meat and bread with every meal kind of guy), I bought some bread flour and bread machine yeast.

The best thing about bread makers is that you throw all the ingredients in and let it go. It does the mixing, rising and baking all in the same place without even having the check on it. And a bonus, it makes me feel super domestic without really doing much. The house also smells amazing for about 3 hours.

I'm still looking for a good bread recipe for sandwich bread- this one is a little too sweet. I also want to find a dough recipe for biscuits. Preferably one that tastes like pillsbury because that's the only thing the rest of my family loves. I'm more of a fan of floury homemade biscuits, but finding something to make everyone happy is a little harder. If you have any bread machine recipes for those, please send them my way!


  1. I don't have bread machine recipes. I make buns and bread from scratch but it's hard to find a whole day to do it. I haven't made bread in about two years (because of the time) and buns I am just learning to make this year so I'm trying to bake once a month but I haven't baked since August. Hmmm... maybe I should get a breadmaker! Ha!

    1. I'd really like to try making buns. I have such a hard time keeping the temperature warm enough for things to rise outside the breadmaker though. Any tips?


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