Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby News

Well my last post was about having no children to dress up, so I dress my Chihuahuas up for Halloween. Well, next Halloween I will have a 3 month old baby to get a costume for. I found out today that I am 5 weeks pregnant and due in July. I had to post a pic of the 2 pregnancy tests that I took. The one on the right is the one I took at home lastnight, and then the one on the left is the one that I took at the doctors office. If you look close you can see 2 lines on both of them.

Even though it was unplanned, we are really excited. We had planned on maybe trying sometime next year, but it happened now for a reason. It is going to be a fun next 9 months. I can't even imagine being a parent, but we are really happy. I will post more pics of my growing stomach as soon as it happens :-)

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