Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby's first picture

I went to the doctor the other day and had my first ultrasound. I am seeing Dr. Burns, and Jordan's mom works for him, so the nurse wanted to play around since my first ultrasound isn't really supposed to be until January 19th.

The baby is in the egg shaped thing to the middle right of the picture.

I went back a few days later to let her play around again and she saw something else in the picture. So I may go back in tomorrow to let the doctor do and ultrasound to make sure there isn't another little one growing inside there. Luckily I haven't been too sick with the pregnancy. Although a few days ago I caught a virus or something. I was extremely sick yesterday with a fever and body aches, but today I am much better. Still not feeling well enough to do much, but at least I am not miserable just laying here. I am definately looking forward to making it past 12 weeks. Not that I want to take a bunch of medicine, but just know that I can have a Tylenol if I have to makes me feel a lot better. I will also be glad to know that the baby has made it past that crucial time of development!

Some more news, someone broke into my car and stole my cell phone. After that little fiasco is was determined that the man that did it might be watching our house. So needless to say we are looking to move. I have found a house to rent, but I am not really sure if we can afford everything. I really hope so, because I hate being scared to walk outside of my own house. I can't imagine having a new baby and not being able to go outside and walk or play. So please pray for us that everything will work out and we will finally be able to move.

That is about it, we had a great Thanksgiving, and now I am looking forward to being done with finals for the semester. As of now I am planning on starting UCA in the spring. I am going to get my Family and Consumer Sciences Education Degree. It will still take me a few more years, but I am really excited to finally be doing something that I want to do. Hopefully I will only be driving 2 days a week next semester, so we'll see how that goes.

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