Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Menu...Yes, Yes I know it's Tuesday

I know, I'm bad at this. But school is really getting to me. I only have 1 final left and then I'm done for 2 weeks! Not to promise that I'll be any more punctual with my posts, but I'll try. So here goes...
Menu Monday
Monday: Chicken and Rice
Tuesday: Cavatini
Wednesday: Jack Daniels Chicken
Thursday: Leftovers
Friday: Tacos

The Cavatini and Jack Daniels chicken were from a new restaurant recipe book I got. It has all kinds of recipes in it from Olive Garden bread and salad dressing to our favorite TGI Fridays chicken dish.

Tonight I made Cavatini from the book. It called for wagon wheel pasta and pepperroni. I didn't have either, so I used bowtie pasta and no pepperroni. It is similar to spaghetti with a different noodle and some extra veggies and cheese. I like baked pasta anyway, so this dish was great. Jackson liked it too! He ate a lot, so I'm hoping we don't have indegestion later.

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