Thursday, October 21, 2010

Estrogen and Craftiness

Jackson and I had a great time with our friends Nicki and Thomas yesterday. She had a few days off so we were able to finally hang out again instead of just passing each other when they drop Thomas off. Her husband Derek joked that there was too much estrogen in the house while we were doing this and that Jackson and Thomas didn't really count towards the testosterone level for another few years.

Nicki found a great blog that has a lot of crafts on it. We were going to try a fabric wreath, but we weren't able to find a styrofoam wreath, or any other kind for that matter. Our choice are pretty limited here in Searcy as far as crafting goes. 

Now given, I am usually not known as the creative or crafty person, and that is pretty evident in my blogging skills or lack of them. Surprisingly, this was something that I could do pretty easily. All of our pumpkins turned out very cute.

I think that these would be a great idea for gifts since they are so easy to make...and cheap!

While we were making our pumpkins, the boys were playing. 

Jackson was itching to go outside so we took them outside to let him run around and maybe a photo opp or two :-)

Jackson thinks you should vote for our friend Derek Glover for Searcy Alderman in Ward 3 


  1. Those pumpkins turned out so cute!:)

  2. Awww thanks! They were so easy to make. I just put a roll of toilet paper in them with some newspaper. I loved your wreath that you made too :-)


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