Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch Saturday

I have been excited for several months now about finally being able to take Jackson to the pumpkin patch. Last year he was only three months old so we didn't venture out for that one. Now that he is walking and discovering things, we thought it would be great to take him and his cousin Mason. We went to Peebles farm in between Augusta and McCrory. We didn't actually pay admission to go in and do all the activities because there wasn't a whole lot that Jackson and Mason could do. I also thought it was utterly ridiculous to have to pay $8 a piece for me and Jordan and then another $5 for Jackson. Call me cheap, but I wasn't doing it. We hung around all the picked pumpkins and took lots of pictures. We did a few of the things you could do without paying and then picked us out a few pumpkins.

Jackson and his "boy sized" pumpkin

We got 2 big pumpkins and a little one for the boy. I also got a few decorative gourds to keep around. I hope we get to do some pumpkin carving tomorrow!
Have a great night :-)

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