Monday, December 13, 2010

I'm Back

What a crazy couple of weeks this has been! First of all I've been busy finishing up my second semester of graduate school. Luckily I only have one more to go, so it doesn't seem so bad. It seems like every semester always ends up to where I have a ton of projects and papers due at the end. I didn't procrastinate in getting anything done, because there was also a ton of stuff due during the semester. Either way you look at it, grad school is difficult. Mine isn't so hard as it is time consuming. I love it though and can't wait till I get done.

That is of course, my excuse for not blogging lately. I have also been expending too much brain energy on school to be able to sit down and blog about my days. Really, my days have been much of the same lately because we have been at home a lot and I spend any free time studying.

I'll catch you up on a few things we have gotten to do over the past few weeks.

Last weekend our town had the annual Christmas Parade. Last year we didn't go because Jackson was only 5 months old and it was way too cold to be out with him. This year though, we bundled him up and headed out. We went to the Lazercade to see some friends and watch the parade from inside where it was warm.

He loved playing on all the games with Jordan
Lately we have been staying at home more and more because of my school work and the cold weather. Jackson had an ear infection and some congestion, so I didn't want to make it worse by getting out in the cold.
My big boy in his super hero pajamas
Jackson and my friend's son Thomas watching Mickey Mouse together
Jackson and Jordan reading books before bed
My parents have been spending the fall and winter in Florida at their new condo that they purchased in June.  I hate it that they're gone and miss them a lot, but I'm glad they get to do that. They have been coming home every couple of weeks because of Thanksgiving and Christmas and just recently got home yesterday for Christmas!
Jackson and his Nana
Dad is the only person that Jackson will sit in their lap for any period of time
We also went to the Living Nativity at First Assembly of God Church. We waiting in line for an hour, and Jackson was so restless but it was worth it. We had been before but it was our first time with Jackson. He sat in Jordan's lap as we drove through and was glued to the window.
Jackson also has a new love on sweets and especially doughnut holes. I caught him with his hand in the bag yesterday morning :-)
He has also learned to climb up on the stool and get snacks off the island.
Hopefully I will be blogging a lot more now that I have a 5 week vacation from school.
It's so nice to be able to sit down during Jackson's naps and not have that burden of always having something to do.
Hope ya'll have a great Monday!

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