Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and a Little Holiday Decorating

I am a little late on some of my posts, so I'll roll a few into one.
We had a great Thanksgiving! I was so scatter brained getting all the food ready to go that I forgot to take my camera. I got a few pictures on my phone that turned out to be cute. 

On Thanksgiving day we were supposed to go to my aunt's house for lunch and then out to Jordan's family. Jackson ended up having an ear infection, and he also gets really bad carsick, so we decided to stick close to home and just got to Jordan's grandparents.

This was Jackson's first Thanksgiving to be walking and exploring. He was so much easier this year because he could play with the other kids and entertain himself. He hasn't been eating very well lately, but I wasn't concerned about him getting enough to eat that day because I knew he would be sampling everyone's plate. 

One of the pictures I managed to get that day was after he stole a cookie

Friday morning, when most people were standing in the cold and fighting people to get in the door of a store, I was warm in my bed. I have never been one for Black Friday sales. My sanity is worth more than $40 savings on a few toys. Jackson let us sleep in till about 7 AM which almost never happens and then we just layed around and enjoyed Dad being home!

I got out some of the Christmas decorations and started putting them up. 

I can't wait to start wrapping presents and getting them under the tree. I also can't wait for Jackson's first Christmas to be walking and exploring things!

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