Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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Attn: This post will have no pictures. I have been far too busy this week to take any. Thank you!

I'm Loving: The chicken pot pie on the stove for tomorrow night. I wish I had time to take pictures of this because it looks so good. It is a version of PW's!

I'm Loving: 19 Kids and Counting. I love watching the Duggar's and so glad the new season started last night.

I'm Loving: White Collar and Lie to Me. These are awesome shows. I just wish I had time to sit down and watch them.

I'm Loving that I'm done with my WalMart trip for the next two weeks.

I'm Loving that I am almost done with school for the week and seem to have a relaxing weekend ahead.

Have a great week everybody!


  1. Your blog is too cute! I love the font!!

  2. I love this post, so I stole your idea and am doing it now too! Sorry to be so unoriginal, but I love how it makes you think positive! By Wednesday I'm usually so tired and dull... :)

    Sometime you'll have to teach me how to get the font in my posts!

  3. Thanks! I thought this was a fun way to keep me thinking positive too! Keeps me from dwelling on the things that aren't going my way.
    As far as the font goes. I think it is in the template creator in dashboard.


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