Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sick Weekend

This weekend hopefully wrapped up what has been a horrible month for us as fast as health goes. Well, actually next weekend should with the removal of my wisdom teeth, but hopefully this was the last unexpected illness. Thursday night I started feeling a little sick to my stomach. I felt that way all day Friday and finally Saturday I had a full blown stomach virus. Jordan got a milder version of it, but either way it was no fun. Jordan was so good to take care of me, Jackson and the house. Jackson was so pitiful all day Saturday because he just wanted me out of bed. I felt so bad for him, but it made me so thankful that I knew that would pass and I would be able to get out of bed to play with him. All I could think of was all the mothers who are not able to do that because of an illness or otherwise.

Over the past few days we did do a few fun things, so I'll just use this post to recap some of that to remind me of the better times of this weekend.

On Thursday night I decided to do a little baking activity with Jackson since we had been snowed in for a few days. We decided to stick to simple and make M&M chocolate chip cookies.
I have also learned that I spend entirely too much time on the computer. What is my evidence you may ask?
Yes, apparently he has learned this from me.
Here are a few other pics from the weekend.
Jackson has gotten really into his monkey hat and decided he wanted my scarf on also.
The boy and his Mom on Valentine's Day
 I am hoping to do another recipe post this week for some yummy vegetable soup as well as some organizational tips. We shall see!
Have a great week

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