Thursday, February 10, 2011

Blogging Award

I got my first blogger award from Nicki over at Baby Cakes.
She blogs about being a mom, cooking and some crafting.

Now I get to turn around and give this award to five other awesome bloggers.

Check these blogs out. Some are new and some have been around awhile, but they would all appreciate you becoming a follower!

Now I get to tell you five things about myself

1. I have a really short attention span. From blogging to watching television or movies. I have an inability to think about that one thing for very long

2. I like movies and shows about history

3. I would love to go to a Paula Deen cooking school weekend

4. I love photography. I am not very good at it and really have no idea how most of the settings on my camera work, but I would love to know more.

5. I have a smidge of OCD when it comes to cleaning. I use my swiffer vacuum several times a day and steam mop usually once a day.


  1. Love these, and I SOOO heart Paula Deen. I would love to eat anything she cooks, yum!!!

    Thanks for awarding me this, you're too sweet!


  2. Can I go with you to Paula Deen cooking school? :)


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