Thursday, February 24, 2011


I have probably driven you all crazy talking about school over the past few months, but for those of you who don't know, I am in my last semester of grad school. Up until now it has been somewhat time consuming but not extremely difficult. I guess it's still not that difficult, but I have a class that is completely foreign to me. It's called Data Analysis and it's something that every grad student has to take. This particular course is geared more to Physical therapy and Occupational Therapy students, so the Family and Consumer Science people are really struggling.

I also remembered that I have a portfolio notebook due soon so that I can graduate. All that, plus the stress of not having my parents here and Jordan about to leave for academy is really catching up to me. I just keep reminding myself that I only have 9 weeks left!

I also have to keep in mind that this is just temporary and that I am so blessed in all areas of my life. I am just so ready to be done with school and have this all behind me with that degree hanging on my wall.

Well, thanks for listening, I feel better now.

Hope you all have a great night!

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