Thursday, March 3, 2011

Learning Activities

As Jackson gets older we're having to find new activities to keep him occupied, but also to help him learn. He is 19 months old, which is in that in between stage of baby and learning preschooler. Like most kids, he has a very short attention span and it's hard to get him to look at books very long and he hasn't yet mastered the art of coloring. 

We build forts


Go on field trips

I am very type A and have yet to give playdough or finger painting a try, but hopefully as it gets warmer we can take some of those things outside and let me start out there. Maybe on a rainy day I'll get brave enough to move it inside :-)

I'm needing some ideas for new games and activities that we can play with him to help him learn.
Please share some of your ideas with me and maybe you can learn a few new ones from some other people too.


  1. Cute pics! Eden loves playing outside and playdates with other kids! So... maybe we should have one! :)

  2. I agree. Jackson needs some more time with other kids. Every time he goes to play with someone he comes back jabbering and doing more things that he wasn't doing before!

  3. I agree, play dates are so helpful! Crayola color wonder stuff is amazing! Anna-Kate got some paints for christmas that only show up on their paper... amazing! I'm thinking that Thomas might need some of the beginner coloring/ painting things!


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