Friday, March 11, 2011

Show Us Your Life-Kid's Birthday Parties

Today I'm linking up to Kelly's Korner for another Show Us Your Life edition.
Today the topic on on kid's birthday parties.

Since Jackson turned one last July, we have only had one birthday party for him. He has loved Mickey Mouse Clubhouse from the time he was about 2 months old. That is the one show, other than  the movie Happy Feet that he watches. I thought it was only right to have a Mickey 1st birthday party for him. Jordan and I have huge families, and I wanted everyone there to celebrate. I figured out that was far to many people, and this year we may be having multiple, small birthday parties for the boy.

The birthday boy with his MiMi

The big cake

Jackson's cake

The party area

Jackson after his outfit change

I ordered all of the party supplies online and ordered the cake from a lady we know.
This year I think we'll do a Thomas the Train party for his 2nd birthday, unless he decides he likes something else more between now and then.


  1. My 19 month old (daughter) LOVES Mickey Mouse for some reason. I am so trying to think of a way to make it girly for a birthday "theme" or at least a cake! ha! Mickey just seems so boy-ish. Maybe I'll give him a pink bow or something =)

  2. I think I saw some pink Minnie mouse party supplies. You could always mix some of those in to make it more girlie.

  3. I love this theme. My son is going to turn ONE in July and Mickey is our theme. Can you tell me where you ordered all your supplies (including, the invites)?

  4. Ok, the party supplies came from here:

    The Mickey airwalker balloon is neat and I just bought a $20 airtank from walmart to fill it up. It did that plus several other small balloons.

    The invitations came from here:

    I was able to choose the theme, add the picture and words and then I "bought" the imagine for about $15 for a 5x7. I was then able to save it to my computer and upload it to shutterfly to have it printed. It was super easy to do.

    Good luck planning!

  5. Thank you so much!!!!! I can't wait to start planning the whole party soon!!!!!!


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