Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prayer Request

I haven't been blogging much this week because we've had a lot going on. Wednesday morning we got the call that my Sister was involved in a car accident in Oxford, MS where she lives. Her husband didn't know very much at that point. As the day went on we learned that she was in a head on collision with someone who apparently hydroplaned and crossed the median or center line. 

She has a collapsed lung, a broken nose, several large cuts on her face and probably some broken ribs. As of yesterday we were very optimistic that the tube would come out of her chest soon and her lung we begin to re-inflate. We were hopeful she would go home sometime early next week. 

Last night she began running a fever. They got it down this morning but it came back. Her IV in her arm blew and they tried several times to replace it. Julie is about as bad as I am about needles and hospitals. She is in so much pain right now and has an infection. They aren't exactly sure if the infection is in her IV site or possibly her tongue, since she bit it in the wreck.

Please pray that the antibiotics will fight this infection and not add to her problems. Pray that she doesn't feel the pain her body is in and can recover quickly. She has a husband and two boys that are doing well despite the situation. Pray for comfort for them as their lives are temporarily rearranged.

Julie, her husband Brian and two boys, Harrison and Colton

Thanks for all the prayers and kind words!


  1. I am so sorry! I hate this for your family! Sending many prayers!


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