Monday, June 27, 2011

Checking something off

If you missed my first Summer Goals post you can read it here.

I got to check something off my list Saturday while Jordan was playing golf.
I finally got around to rearranging Jackson's playroom and putting up all his Mickey things.

Most everything is from his first birthday party that I have been saving until it was time to redo his room. I actually decided to move all this to his playroom and set up his bed in there. He still doesn't sleep in there since he sleeps in his crib so well, but it will all be ready for him when he gets big enough. I still have to find a Mickey Mouse comforter. They are so expensive on Ebay! So if any of you have one you would like to sell, shoot me an email pretty please.
I'm so glad I finally got this one out of the way. We should start building on to his play set in the back yard in the next few weeks, and hopefully I'll get started on a few other projects in the mean time.
Happy Monday!

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