Friday, June 17, 2011

Fat Off Friday Week 3

It's been 2 weeks since I did a Fat Off Friday. We were on vacation for the past few Fridays so I couldn't really post anything. I haven't really eaten well the last week since we were on vacation, but I didn't manage to lost about 3 lbs. We went to Disney World, so there was a ton of walking and sweating that helped to burn some calories. I've not been keeping up on the exercising or goals, but I'm happy that I lost weight. We've been home a week and I've managed to keep the weight off.

Something funny that's happened is that I think I have shrank my stomach. I have always been able to eat a lot at one time. I've been noticing that I get full after eating much less. It's uncomfortable to keep eating, and that was my biggest goal. I wanted to start eating just until I was satisfied instead of stuffed.

One thing that I've realized is that I can lose all the weight I want, but unless I start doing more exercising I'm not going to be able to tone my stomach up like I want. I've found a local 5k to run in that is held on September 3rd. I've got to start training. I know it's probably not the smartest thing to start training for something like this in the hottest part of the year, but I'm determined to do it. 

New weekly goals:

Run every week day to some extent

Ab workout 3 days per week

1 glass of milk per day

Breakfast every morning with fruit

Eat 5-6 small, healthy meals per day

I'm ready to get back on track and lose about 10 lbs!
If you want to participate in Fat Off Fridays just blog about it and leave the address in the comments, or just leave your two cents there as well!

See you all next week.


  1. hey sis
    Way to go. I have finally lost the 3 pounds that i gained during the vacation. I will begin my exercise workout this week so it should be fun.


  2. That's awesome! I'm trying to keep the weight off that I lost on vacation. I went running this morning and I thought I might die. I didn't even run that far, but man was it hard to breathe!


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