Monday, July 18, 2011

Jackson, You're Two!

It's a bittersweet day around here, because my baby is turning two! Technically he won't be two until 9:44 PM, so I guess I still have a few hours left with a one year old. It's so amazing how quickly time passes. I remember all those nights awake when he was a  newborn thinking, oh I can't wait till he's older so that he'll sleep. I knew then that I would wish for that time back, and boy do I. I am so thankful to have a happy, healthy little boy who is blossoming into such a wonderful BIG boy. 

So Jackson, what are you doing at two years old you may ask?

You are running all over the place. 

You can throw a ball sidearm better than any pitcher I've ever seen

You love the water and all things outdoors

Eating is one of you least favorite things right now, but you're finally getting into eating chicken nuggets

You love playing with trains, trucks and balls

You have this amazing personality and ability to make people laugh

You love your family, especially your Daddy and Grandparents

You give great hugs and even better kisses

You say words like:
awww baby
boon (balloon)
Bobby (Poppy)

Just in the last few days you've said multiple sentences like
"Uh oh boon go up der" Translation: (Uh oh the balloon went up there)
"Uh oh I got a boo boo"
"Uh oh you go get it choo choo" (wanting me to go get his train)

Notice everything starts with uh oh :-)

For any of you who know Jackson, you know that he is stubborn little boy who only talks when he wants to, so sentences are a huge thing for us!

I'm sure missing all those wonderful things that happened the last two years, but so excited about the next several years. Thank you God for blessing me with an awesome little boy! 

Jackson 1 Day Old

Jackson 1 Year Old
Jackson 2 Years Old

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