Sunday, July 17, 2011

Weekend Buzz

This is one of a few weekends we've had lately where we didn't have any plans. That tends to drive my husband crazy because he gets bored easily, but we always seem to find a way to fill the weekend up.

Friday was a day off for me. Jackson and I spent the day at home and ran a few errands. He finally got to wear his new shirt from Aunt Kara. Jordan went to the golf course late Friday evening while I mowed the yard. I can't stand to go into the weekend with the yard looking shabby.

Saturday morning we spent at the golf course with Jordan's parents and our nephew Mason. Jackson isn't so into golf yet, but Mason sure is! 
Jackson in Jordan's Rickie Fowler Puma hat

After golf we went to McDonald's for a Happy Meal and a little playtime. I much prefer Chick-Fil-A, but Jackson seems to eat better at McDonald's. Jackson and I spent the afternoon and evening at my parent's, who had just gotten home from a trip.

Sunday we decided to try out a new church. It's actually not new to me since I grew up there, but as a family we have never been to First Baptist-Searcy. I love the feel of the church it is so comfortable and familiar to me. They had a special speaker, so we will go back next week to hear the pastor. I'm hoping to get plugged into a Sunday School class soon. Jackson also had a first at church this morning, he went into the nursery and stayed the whole time without crying. I have to admit I really needed that. For two years he has cried every time we left him, so this is a big breakthrough! I'm making BBQ pork chops, mashed potatoes and peas for lunch, and we plan on doing a little swimming later.
Jackson in his church outfit
Hope you all had a great weekend!
Tomorrow is Jackson's 2nd birthday so stay tune for a birthday post.

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