Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving: My new phone I'll be getting on Wednesday. After dropping my iPhone again AND breaking it for the 2nd time in the Otter Box (6th overall) I decided to fix it, sell it and get a new phone. My brother has an HTC phone like this and has dropped it off his motorcycle going down the road at 50 mph. If it can withstand that, I'm hoping it can withstand me!
HTC Inspire™ 4G

I'm Loving: Our day today. We got to stay home most of the day, it was rainy and Jackson took a long nap. We got to lay around in our pj's and play with sidewalk chalk. I am reminded of how blessed I am every time I have a day like today.

I'm Loving: The rain we got today. We so needed it around here. There are people in Texas and Oklahoma who need it worse, but I'm thankful we got a little on our yards!

I'm Loving: That my friend Nicki put together a play group and we had our first outing the other day. We all met at her house and let the kids play. Of course I didn't get any pictures though! 

Hope you're all have a great week. What are you loving today? Link up here to let us know!

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