Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Speaking in Sentences

As much as I thought he would be, Jackson just didn't start out talking very much. I just assumed since he was my son that he would come out just jabbering away. When it came time for him to be repeating words, he just wasn't doing it. I look back now and realize that it's not because he couldn't do it, he just didn't want to. He's kind of stubborn like that. If it's not his idea, he's usually going to fight you on it. This gives me great hope for his later years (NOT)! 

When he was about 22 months old we decided to have him evaluated and start him in speech therapy. He's been doing that twice a week for about four months now. I have seen an improvement most every month or even week in how much he's talking, but this past month has been amazing. 

All of a sudden he's now talking in sentences, telling me his food his hot and that he wants ice cream. He can name pretty much all the body parts including fingernails, hair and knees. The other day we were reading his book about rubber ducks, and in the book it shows a machine that makes the ducks. He pointed to that for the past few nights and said achiiine!!!! (machine). I have no idea how he knew to call that a machine, but I was so happy. 

He has an awesome speech teacher, and she told me he might just open his mouth and start talking one day, and that's just what he did!

On another note, we also had our county fair this past week. It started out with Jackson's first parade.

The video quality is not very good, but he's waving at the cheerleaders

He had such a great time at the parade. Instead of going to get the candy and putting it in his bag, he would throw it back at them. He didn't quite get the concept. 

We also got to spend a day at home last week in between me working so much. Jackson wanted to play out front that morning so I thought I would water the flowers while he was riding his tricycle. That turned into this:

(You may want to turn your sound down)

and then he helped me wash the car after we were both soaked


  1. He really is talking so much! He sang quite a few songs with me today and did really good with them!

    I love this age because it seems like everything they've been soaking in the past two years seems to come out! It's so amazing to see things in a child's perspective and this age they really start showing you a whole new way to see the world!

  2. Good post Mom this boy is so much fun!!!


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