Friday, November 18, 2011

Didn't turn out as planned

With Jordan's new schedule we both had the day off today. The plan was to drop Jackson. At Mother's Day Out and go to Conway. We wanted to eat out and do a little Christmas shopping. Jackson seemed a little fussy before, but he didn't have a fever or anything so we sent him on.

We got to Conway and as we were putting the car in park at Target the call came that he had thrown up at school. Oh I was so frustrated. I hated being an hour away from him and I didn't want to have to skip our day. Jordans Mom, who is awesome, was able to leave work and go pick him up for us.

We got back in town to get him and so far he's fine. He threw up once with her but nothing since. He's still not acting like himself, but I'm hoping its just a little bug.

Since todays plans got changed, his Mom so graciously offered to keep him tomorrow so we can have our day  ( I told you she was awesome!)
We spend so much time together as a family, but its definitely nice to be able to get away with Jordan for a few hours, have lunch and shop.

Also, yesterday Jackson had his Thanksgiving feast at school. I was able to go and help. He was ridiculously cute in his hat. They also made the cutest turkey placemats using their hand prints. He did great and you could tell he was so proud to show me his school.
He's getting so big!

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