Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

Jackson was sick for most of Halloween. We got out some during the day and ran a few errands, and he was actually feeling pretty good. I got him all dressed up as a cowboy and we waited for everyone to come and eat before trick or treating. He wasn't having the cowboy hat, but that's nothing unexpected coming from him.

Mason dressed up as an airplane pilot...Silly boys

After we finished eating I noticed Jackson's eyes getting red again and sure enough he had a fever. I was so discouraged because I was hoping the fever was behind us. We got him in bed just fine, but when Jordan went in to check on him around 11 his fever was 105! Thanks to my parents, we have a new ear thermometer that lets us get an accurate reading of how high it is. 

We got him up, put him in the bath and tried to get it down. It pretty much stayed up all night, but so far today he's only had a little in the morning. We're planning on going back to the doc tomorrow if it comes back up tonight. 

It's awful to have to sit there and watch your child hurt and suffer through pain, but I think we're on the better side of things. Jackson didn't have such a great Halloween like we had planned, but he did get some candy and looked terribly cute as a little cowboy.

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  1. I love his cowboy costume! that is precious! I hate it when these babies are sick! It is so hard because they don't understand..its just bad all around!


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