Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sick Boy

This past week has not been the best. We were pretty busy, Jordan had a friend pass away at work and it was just an overall downer. We were hoping for a better weekend, but its not turning out so well.

Yesterday we had the funeral to go to in the morning. Funerals are never a pleasant occasion, especially when its for a younger person. After that I took Jack back to get a nap and then we headed out to a birthday party. Jordan's boss invited us to his little boy's birthday. I have been terrible with my camera lately so I didn't get any pictures. It turns out his mother in law was my Kindergarten teacher! I had lots of fun talking to his wife, it kind of feels like I've known her forever! I'm so glad Jordan has an awesome group of people to work with. They're pretty much like family.

So after the party we noticed Jackson didn't look well. We layed around the house that evening and he took another nap. We decided to go to Walmart to do some early Christmas shopping. We hadn't been in the store 2 minutes when he threw up. I had to apologize to the poor boy who had to clean it up.

So far we've determined he has a stomach bug. I'm really hoping we're nearing the end of it though. I'm not a fan of the cleanup involved, and I'm ready to have my happy boy back.
We're looking forward to a much better week. Jordan gets to stay in one office for work instead of travelng between two like he has for the last year. They also start working four-ten hour days. That means he gets a three day weekend!!!

Tomorrow is Halloween. I can't wait to share pics of Jordan and Jackson's costumes!!!! I, however will not be dressing up :-)

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