Saturday, February 4, 2012

Where I've Been

I have a lot of updating to do since the last time I wrote. I started this blog as a way to keep up with our lives and document things that happen with our family. I am in no way a good writer, or even enjoy writing in any other setting. So, sometimes it's hard for me to sit down and put all my thoughts onto the page.

I almost thought about shutting down the blog for awhile, but I decided against it. We have done so much in the last few months that I want to document.

First let me start off with a continuation of my last post. Jackson has gone pee pee in the potty maybe three times total. It's hard to even get him to try and sometimes I think he just doesn't want to out of spite. We're still not pushing it since he won't be three until July, but I think by April we need to step up our game. 

In January we went to visit my parents in Florida. They spent the Winter in South Florida to escape our cold weather here. 
Jackson went on his 2nd airplane ride

He got a big boy hair cut and took a ride on the carousel 

Jackson also got to to meet some Pelicans up close

Jordan and I took a side trip to Key West and went snorkeling
I don't think he knows I put this picture on here :-)

We had a great time visiting my parents. I have lots more pictures, so I may do a separate post about it 

Since we've been home I've been really busy. I started teaching at The University of Central Arkansas. It's a school about an hour away from where we live. I graduated from there and am so grateful for the opportunity to be back as an instructor. I've been teaching for about three weeks now. I'm getting more comfortable in that position. I think all the students are getting the information and enjoying the class. We have our first test on Tuesday, so I guess I'll get to see then!

The last week around our house has not been the greatest. In the past five days, I have been to the pharmacy four of them to get antibiotics. Jackson started us off on Monday. He had been fine all day, but when he woke up from his nap I noticed he didn't seem right. He'd had a bad cough and just been tot he doctor a week before. We got some cough medicine and were sent on our way. I called the doc and loaded Jackson up about 15 minutes before they closed. When we got to the waiting room, I was signing him in and he threw up all over me. It was mostly snot, so I was pretty sure what we were dealing with. We got an antibiotic and headed home. That night he was so pitiful. He kept throwing up lots of snot and slept a lot. 

The next day he woke up a little better, but Jordan still stayed home with him so I could go teach. Wednesday night it was Jordan's turn to be sick. He was feeling so bad at work that day that he went to the doctor. I don't think he's been to the doctor in about six years! He got some antibiotics and spent the night with a fever. He was better the next day and went to work. 

We've both had a cough for over a week, and I hadn't been feeling much better but definitely no worse. That changed Thursday when I came down with a fever. I had something called in for me and had fever all that night. Friday I went to work at my Ob's office and he listened to my lungs and ordered a chest x-ray. The results came back on that and I have pneumonia. I'm already feeling better this morning, so hopefully by the first of next week we'll all be feeling better.

If any of you have forgotten, I'm also 15 weeks pregnant. Things are going really well so far. I'll do an update post on that first thing next week. I'm also going to try to stay more current on what we're up to.

Have a great weekend!

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