Thursday, April 26, 2012

Randomness and some Ava Photos

I'm going to do a bit of catching up and a few random pictures. First of all we had another ultrasound of Ava the other day. This will probably be the last one we get until she gets here so I was very anxious to see her.
This pictures cracks me up. This is the only still picture we could get, but we got to see her whole face and she looks JUST LIKE Jackson!
Unless her eyes turn out different, she will be identical to her big brother.

She's still a girl!

Moving on...

Since it's been so warm outside we've been spending lots of time outside our new house. (FYI I totally haven't forgotten to do a "new house" post, but I am wanting to wait until everything is put away to take pictures)

Jackson is loving our new, quieter street to ride his golf cart on.

Being silly

Jackson has also discovered our hammock
And by the way, he's always this dirty at night! 

Meanwhile Mason was learning to climb one of our wonderful new trees

The boys have also been spending lots of quality time together!

Jackson also had Easter parties at both of his schools that I neglected to share

Jackson has also been using the potty in the morning before school and after. He doesn't do it anywhere else but home, but it's a start!
He was so proud of his big boy underwear

And last thing, we got a new recliner and this is now HIS chair!

Other than all that, we've just been unpacking and hanging things on the wall in the new house. It's a nice feeling to get things decorated. It makes the house feel more complete. 

Hope you are having a great week!

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