Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day

Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day. Jordan actually said I got to celebrate it all weekend long because I had new counter tops installed! I'm going to do a whole post about the new house this week...I promise.
Here is a sneak peak

Here are my presents from Jack and Jordan
Jackson made 2 Mother's Day presents at both of his Mother's Day Out programs, and then since his last day was Friday they also made cute Father's Day cards

Jordan got me two new Tervis Tumblers! I might be just a little bit obsessed with these cups :-)

Sunday morning we went to breakfast with Jordan's parents and then went to the golf course. Family days at the golf course are great now that they boys are older. Jackson's cousin Mason is really into golf and can hit the ball amazing for a 2 year old! Jackson really likes driving the golf cart and throwing stuff in the pond.

Jack and his Mimi

We also got to see a big turtle that had wandered out of the pond

After golf we went home to grout our new tile counter tops and let Jackson get a nap. 

Sunday night we spent with my family at my sister's house. Jackson had a great time running and playing ball with the boys. He is really into playing catch lately and his cousins taught him to play soccer. I'm hoping he catches on to that because I really want him to play in the local soccer league this Fall.

I had such a great Mother's Day and was reminded of how blessed I am to be this little boy's Mom.
It's hard to imagine that next year I'll have two babies here to spend Mother's Day with.

Happy Tuesday!!!

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