Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Jackson is Three Years Old Today

I can't believe I'm even writing this post. On one hand I'm so happy and thankful you're a healthy, growing boy; but I'm also very sad that the last 3 years had gone by so fast. 

You are becoming so independent and want to do most things yourself. 

You're so smart, there are new things you say every day that surprise us. 
I'm not sure where you even pick up on all the things learn.

Last night you were playing with Daddy trying to kiss him and he kept turning his head. You took his face, held it and said "stay still"!

You are really into space ships, rockets and airplanes. If you can find a pen or highlighter you automatically make those into space ships too.

I love your imagination. You have really learned how to play with toys like such a boy. You make noises for them and talk for all the little men. 

You can be so rough when you play but then so sweet at other times too. You area always giving us hugs, kisses and your favorite phrase when you want to cuddle is "I want to hooooold you".

Since Ava is still in my belly you love to give her kisses too. You are constantly talking about how you're ready to get Ava at the hospital. I sure hope you still want her when we actually bring her home :-)

You are such a Daddy's boy right now. Of course you still need me when it comes to love and affection but you just can't resist all that fun playtime with your Dad.

Every night and most days when I drop you off if I have to work we say our prayers. You always fold you hands and bow your head. You also say your prayers, which are "Thank You Jesus Amen"

You're also very polite and say thank you, your welcome and excuse me.

We love you so much and I can't wait to see you in your new role as big brother. Ava will be so blessed to have you as her big brother!

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  1. I LOVE the idea of writing a little letter to your children on their birthdays describing who they are, the things they love, and their favorite sayings. So sweet. :-) That will definitely be something they cherish when they get older! Happy birthday, Jackson!


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