Tuesday, July 17, 2012

An Outer Space Birthday Party

Jackson's birthday isn't until tomorrow, but we had his party on Saturday. My Sister-in-law and I decided to team up and do a double birthday party since the boys are only 3 weeks apart. Mason has been really into golf for a long time now and Jackson has a most recent fascination with all things space, so we decided to do those two themes.

Since it's hot outside in mid- July we reserved the gym at my church because it was much cooler in there, and then rent a few bounce houses.  The boys each had a few friends come and lots of family members. 

Here is all the space themed stuff.
His Mimi and Poppie built him an awesome rocket ship

The bounce houses

The Spaceship cake I made

My Sister-in-law made all the signs for the food

My big 3 year old

About to blow out the candles

Sneaking a peak at the presents

Trying out his new scooter

Now trying out Mason's new bike

Now for the golf side of the party

Mason's putt putt hole his Mmii and Poppie made him

The other birthday boy, Mason!

Excited about his new bike

I think everyone had such a good time at the party. The kids had so much to do with the bounce houses and riding toys that the church had. I'm so grateful to all our families that helped decorate and clean up and our friends who came to party with us.

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