Sunday, August 5, 2012


This post is sort of a mish mash of stuff that we've been up to over the last week. Ava is now 1 week and 3 days old. I can't believe she's already been here that long. She is such a good baby. Last night she even slept from 11-5! One of the biggest excitements is that she is a great nurser. Jackson wouldn't ever latch on, so instead of being able to nurse him, I pumped for a year. It wasn't the worst experience of my life, but it definitely feels great to be able to nurse Ava. I'm still having to pump some to build up a supply of milk for when I start teaching again.

We went to church for the first time today. We actually just went to Sunday School since Jackson only has 2 weeks left in his current class. I really wanted him to get to spend time with the teachers that he loves so much. Here was Ava before her first church appearance.

She slept the whole time. I was a little worried that Jackson might cry when we left him, but he was so excited to be there and even told us "bye". 

The past week has been great. Jordan was able to take a week off from work and Jackson has been the best big brother. He is so helpful and always wants to hold her or get her pacifier.
Such a proud big brother

He's also very excited to have a new partner to do one of his favorite things...make tents!

He has spent a lot of time with his cousins lately too.
Holding a minnow when they went fishing

I'm so thankful to all our family for taking great care of him and making sure he had plenty of things to do over the last week.

I also have to share a few side by side pics of Jackson and Ava as newborns. Ava looks a little different than she did a week ago, but it's amazing how much they look alike.

In each picture Jackson is on the left and Ava is on the right. I still think they look a lot alike, but Ava is just the daintier, girl version of Jackson. 

We are so blessed to be home with two healthy babies. I can't wait to see what the next couple of months has in store!

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