Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Women in the Word Wednesdays

I recently did a Bible study that the Good Morning Girls put on. A friend of mine created a Facebook page for our group, and we sort of did it together in an online discussion format. I really enjoyed it, because it was a good way to keep me accountable and give me a set plan for getting in the word every day. 

It has always been hard for me just sit down and start reading the Bible every day. I need some sort of a plan to follow, or at least a direction to take. This Christmas Season is giving me an opportunity to read the story of Jesus' birth again. 

This morning, I've been reading in the first Chapter of Luke. I'm amazed at how different the times were and how we don't think about things the same anymore. This chapter talks about how God sent an Angel of the Lord to Elizabeth to tell her that she would become pregnant, and then sent another Angel, Gabriel to tell Mary that she would bear a son and name Him Jesus. I love how both of them women were so receptive to this message and had faith that these things would come true. I know there were plenty of people around them to be skeptical about the news they had heard, but they still kept faith that it was a message from God.

I think this really speaks a lot about how much faith we should have today. We don't live in times where we get to see Jesus or his disciples. I think this just speaks to how much more faith we need to have now that we can't see those miracles and people for ourselves. I know that God still speaks to us, and I believe he still sends angels to deliver messages to people in various ways, but it hard today.

We are bombarded with so much negativity in the media, news and by people around us that it's hard to keep faith and know that God has a plan. I have to remind myself of that daily. Things don't always go our way, and when that happens we need to remember that our circumstances are all part of a bigger picture.

I'm so excited to be linking up to the Good Morning Girls about my quiet time today. If you want to do this, or check out other bloggers who have linked up just click on the picture above and scroll to the bottom. I can't wait to start doing this every week.

Have a blessed day!

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