Thursday, December 13, 2012

I got an award

I got a surprise yesterday, my friend Kelcie gave me a blogger award!

The Liebster Award is an award given by fellow bloggers to recognize new, up-and-coming blogs.
I was nominated by Kelcie at This Beautiful Inheritance. She is a very talented blogger writer, wife and mother among other things. She blogs about raising her family in the small town she grew up in.

After receiving this award, there are some “rules” to follow:
The blog nominated must answer the 5 questions given by the person who nominated them.

The blog nominated must tell 5 random facts about themselves.

The blog nominated must then nominate 5 blogs (with less than 200 followers), and make sure to tell them you nominated them.

Finally, you must ask the blogs you nominate to answer 5 questions of your own.

Here are my answers to Kelcie's questions:

1. Why do you blog? Why did you start and why do you continue?
I blog for a few different reasons. First, I like to keep a scrapbook of our lives. It's a good place to keep up with the fun things we do. Second, I like to post about what God is doing in my life. As Christians, I think it's so important that we use whatever voice we have to share the good news. I hope I can continue to find new things to blog about as I continue in this little venture.

2. What is your favorite post you've ever done? (provide a link!)
I have a few favorites. Pretty much every update post about either of my kids is always a good one for me, but I think the one I posted about Jackson turning three is my favorite right now. I love remembering him at this sweet age.

3. What's one thing we don't know about your family?
This is a hard one! Something you may not know about us is that we love to kayak. We bought kayaks this past summer, and so far Jordan has gotten most of the use out of them fishing. I was pregnant for most of that time, but we are planning a trip to float the Buffalo in the Spring. I can't wait!

4. What can readers look forward to on your blog? What's around the corner?
I'm hoping to do more posts about what I'm getting into reading God's word. I'm almost ashamed to say that I never been a big Bible reader. It's never been an easy thing for me to relate to. I know that it's so important to read every day. I want to start every day off with a quiet time. I'm hoping that blogging about what I'm learning will help even one reader out and help to keep me on track.

5. What's on your Christmas list??
I already got my main present, a GUITAR! I've been telling Jordan I wanted to play the guitar for a long time and he finally got me one. I'm watching some youtube videos and trying to learn a few chords. Maybe soon I'll be good enough to get some lessons.

5 Random Facts About Me
1. I never wanted to cook growing up, and I said I would never have kids. Domesticity was not my thing. A few years later I'm a Family and Consumer Science major and teacher, I love to cook and I have two kids. Go figure!

2. I have a small fascination with kitchen knives. Not in a creepy way, but in a I want to slice meat like they do at Fuji kind of way.

3. Jordan and I started dating when we were 15 and we've been together ever since

4. I love teaching at UCA but I still get very nervous and feel inadequate most of the time when standing up in front of the students (several who are older than me).

5. I am not really a fan of movies. If it's not a romantic comedy, or a very interesting movie about history/government conspiracies then I'm not really interested. This drives Jordan crazy because he is a movie watcher.

Now I'm going to pass this award on to my 5 favorite up and coming bloggers!

1. Amanda at Embracing Grace has been a good friend of mine for several years. We met at church and our husband's went to college together. She blog about her family and how she strives to serve Jesus in everything she does.

2. Jennifer at Jen Loves Scott (&son). I don't personally know Jennifer, but I feel like I've gotten to know her a bit through her blog. She has one of the cutest little boys I've ever seen. She blogs about what they've been up to lately. I love reading all the updates about their son.

3. Nicki at Baby Cakes. We have been good friends for a few years. I went to high school with her husband. We got introduced awhile back and have been having fun ever since. She's a very talented designer. She's kind of taking a blog break, but I'm excited for her to start up again!

Ok, so I kind of broke the rules and just did 3. First of all, I think all of these are wonderful and you should definitely check them out. Second, my baby is waking up from her nap and I think this is all the blogging I'll be doing for tonight!

I do hope that the three bloggers I nominated will answer these questions about themselves

1. What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions?

2. What is your favorite kind of food and why?

3. Are you planning any vacations? Where? If not where would you most like to go?

4. What is your perfect size family?

5. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?

Thanks for reading. I hope you'll become a follower of my blog and like my Facebook page

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