Friday, January 25, 2013

Warm Air and Ocean Breezes

My lack of posting is partially due to the trip the kids and I took a few weeks ago. My parents spend the winters in South Florida. Every January we try to take a trip to see them. I like to tell myself that I'm doing them, and my kids a favor by getting them all together, but I really know it's just because I want to go where it's 80 degrees in January.

This year it was just me, the kids and my grandma. She was a huge help. I'm not sure what I would have done without her help. It's really hard to get a 3 year old and 6 month old through an airport. The food and bathroom trips alone would have been enough for a nervous breakdown. 

The kids did AMAZING on the plane and in the airports. No crying or whining!

Jackson was so excited to see his Nana and Papa

Saturday morning we went to the green market in downtown West Palm Beach. This is one of my favorite places. It has every fruit and vegetable you can imagine, baked breads, guacamole...everything!

Jackson even got to help push Allie around in her stroller

We spend a few afternoons at the beach. Once Jackson got over his incredible...and inherited hatred of sand, he really started to enjoy the water. 

He even got to "surf"

Ava liked the beach, the sand, the waves, everything!

We had such a great time. My grandma and parents eventually all got sick with the stomach virus. I know their trip wasn't as great as ours, but I'm so thankful we have a place to go to get out of the cold Arkansas winter!


  1. That looks like a wonderful, warm, fun getaway. I shoveled snow for two hours today so I am a little envious of the warmth :)

  2. It was so nice. We flew back in to very cold weather here in Arkansas, so I quickly got back to reality. I'm now even more ready for Spring!


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