Friday, February 1, 2013

Ava Rose is 6 Months

Ava I can't believe you're already 6 months old. You seem so big for your age. Some of the new things you've be doing are:

Sitting up by yourself
Picking up pieces of food with your hands and putting them in your mouth
Getting almost on all fours like you're ready to crawl
Banging your arms on things and dancing to music
Playing with some big girl toys
Standing up against those big girl toys to play

You're really liking trying out all the new foods we've been giving you. So far I've made you pears, apples, greens, blueberries and avocados. You like to have those separate or mixed together. I've also been looking into something called Baby Led Weaning. This is where instead of starting off with pureed baby food, you start off with very soft chunks of food.. We've tried this with bananas and carrots so far. You really like to pick things up and mush them around in your hands.You also got to try a few bites of poppy seed chicken and you LOVED it!

I can't believe how well you're playing with things, standing up (assisted) and watching every little thing that goes on around you. You're one of the most observant babies I've ever seen. Jackson is such a good big brother to you. You love to watch him and usually smile every time he talks to you. I know you're ready to do all the big things you see him doing.

Time is passing so quickly and soon you won't be a baby anymore.
I try to spend all the time I can cuddling and snuggling with you. Although, I have to do it when you're asleep because you're too busy otherwise.


  1. I really loved how much more interactive my kids became around six months. What a sweet age.


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