Friday, April 26, 2013

Ava Rose 9 Months

Ava, you are 9 months old!

You crawl anywhere you want to go, stand up on your own for a few seconds and walk around things while holding on.

Current weight: 24 lbs
Current height: 28 inches

We went to the doctor last week and you have grown 3 inches and 3 lbs since January.

You were a pretty sick girl the last week, but I'm happy to say that you're finally back to your old self. I love how happy you are and all the smiles we get.

You will now lean in to give us kisses and you also know how to do head bumps (It's a papa/grandchild thing)

You have started making some of the funnies faces. Your nose scrunches up and you try to smile.

Hayden (our new dog) LOVES you, and you love him. He is so gentle with you, even when you aren't so gentle with him. 

We have so many fun things to do in the next few months...your first Disney trip, 1st birthday, and swimming pool season!


  1. She is so cute! I'm sorry she was sick :( And her next few months sound very exciting!


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