Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Disney 2013

Every two years my side of the family goes to Disney for a week. It's something I look forward to all year long. To say I love Disney would be an understatement. If I could go there every day, you better believe I would. In fact, we even got engaged in front of the castle 8 years ago. Jackson went his first time when he was two. Mickey was by far his favorite "person" at that point, and he still loves him.

This year was a little more challenging with two kids. Double strollers are not the easiest thing to get around Disney in a crowd full of people. Ava did pretty well considering she was only 10 months and it was 95 degrees outside.

We spent 3 days total doing Disney. One whole day was spent at the Magic Kingdom, then we visited various other parks the other 2 days.

Jackson got to meet Buzz and Woody. Definitely a highlight for him

A character breakfast is well worth the money. We always go to the Polynesian for ours. Mickey, Lilo, Stitch and Goofy were there. The food is great, and you get to relax at your table while the characters come to you. We were lucky enough to be there the same time as some of our friends, and they were able to come with us.

Ava didn't know what to think about them. Her face is priceless!

This is how we made it around the parks most days

We were able to catch the street party parade when we first got there, and the electric parade at night

Next, on the list of things to do was visit Kennedy Space Center. It's only about an hour away, and they have a great new visitor center. Jackson has been really into spaceships and rockets over the past year, so I knew he would love it.

Jackson couldn't even fathom the size of the rockets. He was just sure that all the toy models were the real thing. If you have time while you're in the area, I would recommend a visit to Kennedy.

Disney was so much fun, and I love the Orlando area. I keep telling Jordan we should move there.

This trip was extra special, because we were able to take two full weeks in Florida. I'll do another post soon on what we did the second week.

Have a great day!


  1. Oooohhhh... two whole weeks. That sounds AMAZING! I can't wait to hear about the second week. Also I love the family picture of the four (five!) of you :)

    I've only been to Disney World once and we did a princess lunch (mostly for our niece's benefit) and it was really fun.

  2. How much fun!!!! I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures.


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