Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Florida Trip Part 2

The 2nd leg of trip took us about four hours south to Boynton Beach. My parents own a condo there, where they spend the winters.

We went to the splash park
Had a fabulous time at the beach

My little surfer

Played at Chick Fil A

...and relaxed by the pool

This was a much needed 2nd week to rest and relax from all the Disney fun.

Jordan also had a lot of fun that 2nd week. He took is kayak and fished some of the lakes and canals in south Florida. He caught lots of fish, and he even almost caught an mistake!

Did you see the gator jump out of the water to go after his bait? He got out of there pretty fast after that. Oh and by the way, the creek that he was looking at straight ahead is the entrance to a canoe just so happened to be guarded by alligators. No Thanks!

He blogged about his adventure on his new blog Kayak Fishing the Natural State

We had such a great time on our vacation. I was needing to get out of Arkansas, and this was the perfect way to do it!


  1. That second week of vacation sounds incredibly relaxing. I love the picture of Ava at the splash park :) Cutie!

  2. Great pictures! We love Florida! I'm with you, I'd be out of there pretty fast!


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