Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jackson 4 years old

Jackson you are 4 year old!
I think I say this every year, but I'm so surprised that another year has gone by.
 You are probably the funniest kid I know. I have been told by several different mothers in your class that their child talks about you and how you are always making them laugh.

You like to make people happy and you really like to see them laughing.

You are one of the sweetest kids I know. You are always saying "I love you"  to us just out of the blue. You also are very quick to say you're sorry when you know you've done something wrong.

You're always very concerned about us and other kids, and I just love your tender heart.

You're really starting to want to do things for yourself. Dressing yourself, putting your shoes on and picking out your clothes are all things you get very upset if we try to help.

This year you're really into spaceships and pirate ships. We have even redone your room in a space theme.

This year you're having a pool party. Swimming is one of your favorite things to do. It's so much fun to see you growing and changing into a big boy.

I hope that you always keep that tender heart and one that longs for Jesus. I believe you are going to do great things for God some day!

We love you more than you know!


  1. I love the picture which accompanies this post with all the writing on it. Also, I love reading about individual kids and I feel like I know Jackson a little better now! Welcome to the age of 4 :)

  2. What a great picture of your little guy! He is adorable! Happy Birthday Jackson!!!


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